We believe in the power of music to make a difference

Bring People Together

We Are Music will be bringing people together by putting on free concerts with top tier artists in underprivileged areas. We Are Music believes that the power of music is be underutilized and regardless of socio-economic status, everyone should be able to able to feel the joy that live music brings.

Shine a Spotlight

We Are Music plans to shine a spotlight on local and global communities that are facing issues within the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by bringing world renowded artists, brands & media to these cities and to their aid.

Ignite Good Times

We Are Music believes in the power of music to make a difference and transcend cultural barriers, but also for its ability to bring joy and fun! We plan to allow people in struggling communities to have the fun with their favorite artists that they deserve. 

Aid Suffering Communities

Each year, We Are Music will donate all of its proceeds to the most prevalent issue within the cities we visits. By shining a spotlight on these communities and donating our proceeds to them, we plan to not only let them enjoy the things they may not normally, but also by giving back to help their growth.